AEM uego serial output and tuner pro

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AEM uego serial output and tuner pro

Post by vwnut8392 »

is there a way to feed the serial output (blue wire) from the AEM uego gauge directly to a laptop with USB to serial converter or direct serial port and log it? i keep finding info but people are using the narrowband output and feeding it to the cars ECU and logging it that way which is not what i want to do, i tried the narrowband output to my ECU and it does like it so i would like to just feed the serial ouput of the gauge directly into tuner pro for logging instead. is this possible?

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Post by mylonopo »

Hello team,
I am trying to do the same connection via serial on tunerpro & AEM UEGO inline controller.
Can anyone provide an adx similar to LC-1 file available for download via tunerpro link?


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Re: AEM uego serial output and tuner pro

Post by jss06c6 »

I'm using one of the analog channels on my AutoProm to feed Wideband data to my ALDL data stream. AEM wideband has 0-5 volt output which I've tied in to my analog input and into my ADX and XDF..

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