TunerPro RT & Ostrich emulation questions

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TunerPro RT & Ostrich emulation questions

Post by Thijs_Rallye » Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:45 am


I have a few (probably) noob questions which I hope to get answered here.

Currently I am trying to get my head around an old Motronic M1.3. I've got the BIN dumped and uploaded in the Ostrich, car is running fine at the moment.

I know the Ostrich is a realtime emulation device, but I am still not aware of how the data is processed between the Ostrich and TunerPro RT.

In my attempt to test this I've created a scalar in the XDF file for the (presumably) rev limiter, which doesn't seem to change.

What I want to know is, with emulation active, what exactly happens as I press update. (or save in a table) Does it write the altered data field to the Ostrich, or is the opened BIN (on the harddrive) in TunerPro being used by the Ostrich at that moment?

Thanks in advance!


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