need help tbi to mpi supercharged

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need help tbi to mpi supercharged

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Hey guys i am hoping to get some help with my 4.3 that i put a typhoon lower intake with a custom upper plenum and a ford supercharger on.
I stole the tbi wires and batch fire the stock typhoon injectors. 3 per side. In tuner pro i set the tbi constant to 90 lb. My problem is when i adjust the ve tables at idle they have no affect even if i set them to 0. if i move the constant it will affect the fuel but nothing in the tables will. i am using the
16197427 ecm with the bjhw 94s10 bin. odtpv4 v200 xdf and a217 od 250 adx. Everything looks like it is working fine but i am just not able to tune it.

Thanks in advance

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