Trouble trying to aquire data keep getting constant DA errors

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Trouble trying to aquire data keep getting constant DA errors

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I'm brand new at this so here goes:

I have a 1988 Chevy G30 with the 1227747 CPU and AFBZ chip. The engine has been upgraded to a roller cam '96 version of the 350. The TBI was also bored with 55# injectors. I had a guy in WV try to burn a chip for it but, it's running super rich or he thinks its running super lean. I can smell the gas at idle. The other day I put in the newest chip he sent me and the engine started fine but went into rich according to my AF gauge. Then idled up to 2K and I couldn't get it back to 850rpm and it had just been run and warmed up.

Anyway, I'm using the ADX file for the 87-91 350. Tuner pro connects and disconnects constantly. I am using a Red Devil River ALDL cable. It does read in spits and spurts but just not consistently. I have tried to go into the ADX editor under commands and add the "Listen for Silence" and put in a 15ms silence length and that does nothing. I don't have the other selections I have read about such as Mode 1 or Mode 10. Is this the answer? I'm not sure how to code them so they work with my $42 file. Can anybody help a newbie?


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