Dual wideband connection

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Dual wideband connection

Post by Ghwallice »

Is there an easy, and cheap, way to connect 2 wide band sensors to tunerpro rt?

I'm a novice, and Im fitting 2 sensors to the headers of a twin cylinder motorcycle with a WM16m. Tunerpro rt to a lonelec fiat adaptor, and an ostrich 2 to emulate the 27c512 chip.

I have a single channel innovate, but i'd rather monitor both cylinders. I looked at the Oates post, that doesn't look easy....

Thanks, Greg
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Re: Dual wideband connection

Post by Zigmund »

Hi! I think you can use Zeitronix ZT-2 + ZT-3 for dual wideband data logging. ZT-3 has wideband output which could be connected to ZT-2 analog input. I haven't tried this config, but i think it could work out.
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