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About limit maximal R.P.M. cut ignition and maps points set A,B,C. for Ducati 748-851-916-996

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2021 1:15 pm
by BirdFly51
Hi everybody,
I'm Henry, I'm new in this chat and I will like question about with your help several doubts than I have with this TunerPro and tables XDF.
This modification it is for IAW 16 Magnetti Manelli.
If somebody could help me.

The first question is It? Which is the table or and what part is it where is possible change the limit maximal R.P.M.?

The second is it? There are 3 tables A,B,C, Breaks points R.P.M. map points set A or B or C set16 bit.
The question is? Why there are 3 tables and which is it funtion of this three ? Because I understand than only one map it's enough, isn't it?