Re-scaling MAF using TunerPro

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Rick Abraham
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Re-scaling MAF using TunerPro

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Hi guys I am hoping someone can assist me with an issue.
I own a 1998 Holden VT Commodore 5.0L V8, this engine uses a Delco 16234531 PCM.
I have just fitted a turbo charger to the engine, from factory the PCM calculates fuel delivery using a MAF sensor, I would have liked to change this and
wire a MAP sensor into the PCM and tune the engine via Speed Density.
I have been told that you cannot use a MAP sensor with the 16234531 PCM is this correct ??

If this is the case my next question is how do I re-scale the MAF sensor using TunerPro RT ??

Any help would be appreciated.

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