Oldskulltuning experience

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Oldskulltuning experience

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So a little feedback on there work.
Initially I was happy with the file they created from scratch, it had most of the basic tables for a motorbike.
After a little time I realised I wasn't getting what I paid for. No fuel cut deactivate, no O2 deactivate, no pair valve delete, no fan control, no checksum patch, non working speed limiter.
After repeated asking for these features I went to someone else for a new xdf file.
After receiving my new file that had loads more tables ect revealed I realised some scaling was also wrong in oldsculltuning's throttle tables 😱

Sbk_supaerbikeskit on Facebook, great company 👍

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Re: Oldskulltuning experience

Post by OldSkullTuning »

Dear Customer,
we are sorry for your feedback.

You contacted us to get an xdf for Honda CB1000 with new keihin ecu that we didn't support yet.
Before making the purchase we told you which maps were available and which ones were to be tested, you accepted the purchase.

At a cost of 50 euros we have created a new xdf with all the maps at our disposal:


We have also given you complete availability to make new tests, in particular with regard to ride by wire management maps.

In addition, we confirm that the ride by wire maps are correctly scaled:


We believe we have done our best with a new file, we regret not having met all your expectations.
Team OldSkullTuning

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