XDF/ADX language and structure

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XDF/ADX language and structure

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For creating XDF and ADX,
Is anybody able to tell me what Language this is and where I can get Reference Manual for the language, and for the code structure??

<XDFTABLE uniqueid="0x3A53" flags="0x30">
<title>Fuel Delta(right)</title>
<description>shows percentage lean or rich comapred to main</description>
<CATEGORYMEM index="0" category="1" />
<CATEGORYMEM index="1" category="2" />
<XDFAXIS id="x" uniqueid="0x0">
<EMBEDDEDDATA mmedelementsizebits="8" mmedmajorstridebits="-32" mmedminorstridebits="0" />
<embedinfo type="3" linkobjid="0x3D0A" />
<DALINK index="0" />
<MATH equation="X">

<ADXVALUE id="Load" idhash="0XAA60B379" title="Load">
<desc>Load Rear: Load for the rear cylinder 8-bit resolution)</desc>
<units>Percent * 2.55</units>
<range low="0.00000" high="255.00000" />
<alarms low="0.00000" high="255.00000" />
<MATH equation="( X * 1.000000 ) + 0.000000">
<VAR varID="X" type="native" />
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