Lost OBD-I cable for scanner - trying to find another one

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Lost OBD-I cable for scanner - trying to find another one

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Hi All

In doing a long distance move someone I misplaced the OBD-I cable for my Ease Diagnostics scanner and need to do another tune for my 19993 Caddie SedanDeville 60 special
Which has 4.9L engine, front-wheel drive

Moved from elevation of 4,000 feet to only 500 ft and also is much hotter weather, so I need to burn a new tune into E-prom, but I sorely need to do a testrun and see exactly I need to adjust for the fuel trims

I believe this 93 caddy for ADLC uses the 8192 baud Pin M ? (not sure) and need to buy a OBD-I 12 pin ADLC cable that would support that and
best if the cable would also support the lower baud rate if needed for another vehicles

My Ease scanners I have multi of their hardware interfaces some require a 15 pin and others 25 pins at the other end of the 12 pin ADLC

Anyone have or know where I can find/buy a cable ASAP that works for above ?
Or a 12 pin to 16 pin converter cable that supports both baud rates/signals ?

I have spent hours in cyberspace doing searches and can find little when it comes to 12 pin ADLC cables


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